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Say Hi To Paul

You know Paul right? Well, you should. He is practically on your payroll. You paid him a commission on almost everything you sold today!  Paul is taking a little bit of the profit on everything you sell.  You do want to keep more of the profit for yourself, right?  It doesn’t matter if you are a Dentist, an Auto Mechanic or anything in between, you are paying Paul a commission on everything you sell or every service you provide.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t recognize him right away.  You may have only ever talked to him on the phone.  You may have only met him once, years ago.  However long ago you met him you have been paying him his commission EVERY MONTH!  Maybe for years…..

“Stop Robbing Peter To Pay Paul”

Have you heard the phrase “Robbing Peter To Pay Paul”?  It basically means you are taking money from one “thing” to pay it to another “thing”.  Paul is a perfect example the other “thing”.  Peter can be different “things” to different people.  For some people their “Peter” is a retirement fund, for some it is their child or grandchild’s education, maybe a winter home, speed boat, vacation or maybe just a bigger bottom line profit for your business.  SMART Business Owners can now Stop Paying Paul, and put his commissions towards something for themselves or their family.

So, Who Is Paul?

Have you figured out who Paul is yet?  Take another look.  That’s him catching all the commissions he gets on almost every sale that you and other Business Owners make.  It doesn’t matter if the sale is for a product or a service, and normally doesn’t matter if the sale was made online or offline in person.  Enough suspense, Paul is the Sales Agent on your Merchant Account.

That’s right.  You have been paying the Sales Agent on your Merchant Account a commission on everything you have sold to your customers if they paid with a credit card.  That’s why Paul is doing the Gangham Dance.  He is so happy that you keep paying him every month.  Do you remember meeting Paul now?  How many months or years ago was that?  How many more years or months are you going to pay him?  Are you ready to START PAYING YOURSELF INSTEAD?  Then it is time for you to be the Sales Agent on your own Merchant account!  You can start receiving the monthly commissions on YOUR sales instead of paying the commissions to Paul every month.

How would you like to save even more money?  This new Merchant Account Program not only makes YOU the Sales Agent on your own account it will also give you the lowest rate guarantee.  It will also match any rate offer you receive in the future.  This means you will no longer have to change merchant account providers every time someone offers you a lower rate.  In addition to the Match Rate Guarantee you can also receive the new EMV equipment FREE.  EMV (EuroPay, Mastercard, VISA) is the new chip-reading credit card machine that also accepts ApplePay, GooglePay and other Tap To Pay services.  You can also receive discount American Express rates and accept EBT (Foodstamps) Cards.  You can also get a month-to-month agreement which means no long term contract or cancellation fees.

Want To Find Out How Much You Have Been Paying Paul & How SMART Business Owners Have Started Paying Themselves? Just fill out the form below.

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